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The High Growth Mindset

Investigation into the reality of the high growth mindset began as collaborative research between MMU and The Business Growth Service. It involved in-depth interviews with a group of 30 high growth entrepreneurs, price followed by surveys covering a much larger group. This research revealed the six components of the high growth mindset.

Market expertise
Selling is at the heart of market expertise, order although it also means understanding and navigating the market you operate in. Market expertise implies a high level of skill and ease in the selling role and growth entrepreneurs cognitive processes are always geared towards making sales.

Business vision
Entrepreneurs with business vision have a clear view of growth potential and a broad understanding of how this will be achieved. They are also confident of achieving it, without necessarily knowing how it will happen in practice.

Active decision-making
Growth entrepreneurs identify the dangers of entrepreneurial decision making and challenge it by selecting a thinking strategy or drawing on the moderating influence of others. Also vital is following through on ideas by committing to decisions and supporting them with action.

Growth drive
Increasing the size of the business is a distinct and important aspiration. This might be driven by a need to achieve, or a sense that growth itself is a measure of success.

Sales drive
This component is distinct from market expertise, being less reflective of current expertise and more indicative that it is important to plan for and achieve sales in the future.

Innovation drive
Growth entrepreneurs realise the importance of innovation, whether this is in new products and services and/or new markets.

Original article by Joe Carstairs from the Business Growth Service.

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