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Belbin Implementers

I was leading a workshop with a team of four last week who were all quite strong Belbin Implementers. We were performing an exercise which had the classic structure: set a challenge, plan the activity, perform the task, review results and learning points, replan the approach and try again. I have run this particular exercise a number of times before, but this team’s heads down approach was a classic illustration of the strengths and (allowable) weaknesses of the Belbin Implementer and their preferred way of contributing within a team.

So, this team launched into the task with great gusto, planning was quite brief and to the point, and the reviewing was also quite “succinct”. I’ve not had a team get through so many rounds in the time allowed before, six iterations in the time it would take most teams to perform three. They just wouldn’t give in until they beat the record time for the exercise!

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