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Executive Development Programme Team


Leadership & LEAN specialist Alan Slater

Business Coach, Consultant, Non-Executive Director & Trainer

Alan Slater is a coach, facilitator and consultant who works with a wide range of organisations to enhance performance and growth. He has a motivating and supportive style, with keen listening skills and a strong desire to follow the client’s agenda, facilitating them to identify barriers to change and growth, develop solutions and take action.

Alan has developed a highly recommended business simulation, which provides the perfect environment for learning about leadership and team effectiveness. The modular design allows other topics to be included with ease, such as lean tools, problem solving skills, financial awareness and the financial implications of team decisions. It is also in demand for away days.

Prior to self-employment Alan led manufacturing operations for several companies before becoming Group Operations Director at a multinational with responsibility for factories in UK, Europe and USA and 800 staff. His early leadership experience was in the sporting world, including coaching at Cambridge University. Alan has a PhD from Manchester University.

Alan can be contacted directly at: -

07825 971731



Digital Marketing Phil Crowshaw

Digital Marketing Specialist, Business Coach, Public Speaker & Trainer

A highly accomplished, results driven, business consultant, coach, trainer and event speaker who is passionate about sales and marketing with a key emphasis on digital media and online strategies and tactics.

Crowshaw’s key strengths lie in his ability to define, organise, communicate and implement effective online and offline focused sales and marketing plans within budget and agreed timescales. His online areas of experience and expertise include Web Site Development, Video, Search, Mobile, Content Marketing, Social Media and e-commerce. In addition to this he has extensive knowledge of the digital industry along with its trends and technologies, as demonstrated by the demand for him to speak at business events and conferences in the UK and Europe on The Digital Media Revolution.

As an Internet entrepreneur in his own right, Crowshaw’s strength as a leader also allows him to obtain buy in and engagement from small and large teams alike to achieve the identified goals and objectives

Phil can be contacted directly at: -

07957 488076



Executive Coach Fran McArthur

Business Coach, Consultant, Non-Executive Director & Trainer

Fran has spent the greatest part of her career working on the boards of SMEs in sales & marketing roles, but working closely with other functions to create an holistic approach to creating better performance.

After successfully turning around a failing manufacturing company she made the dramatic leap from managing director to student in order to study for an international MBA, which she completed in 2001. This step has proved invaluable in providing more structure and a broader perspective to her approach to business improvement and leadership.

Since 2009 Fran has been coaching business leaders and teams

  • providing greater clarity of thought,
  • teaching problem-solving techniques, which can be used for the rest of their lives and
  • helping them to achieve their true potential.

She runs a number of interactive workshops specifically aimed at business leaders and senior managers on themes that clients regularly bring up as a concern, including Time Management, Resilience, Recruitment & Interviewing Skills and Running Effective Meetings.

Fran has worked across a wide range of sectors from consumer durables and luxury goods to software, the third sector and oil & gas. She has a very straightforward, no-nonsense approach, applying common sense and getting things done.

Fran can be contacted directly at: -

07789 520205



Financial Guru Ian Ross

Chartered Management Accountant, Problem-Solver, Business Coach & Trainer

Ian is passionate about finding the right business numbers to help monitor performance and making sure they are reliable.

He works with businesses in the private and not-for-profit sectors to help them avoid the financial icebergs that await the ill prepared.

The most dangerous icebergs are the ones in front, so it’s no use hanging your head over the stern of the ship and examining the wake through a microscope. Helping businesses steer round these icebergs and into calmer waters is Ian’s objective.

He has coached business owners and aspiring self-employed people to understand the key profit and cash drivers in their businesses.

He delivers training workshops in the UK and the Middle East, avoiding jargon all the time and PowerPoint whenever possible.

Ian can be contacted directly at: -

07905 624456



Sales specialist Keith Whittle

Sales Consultant & Trainer

Keith specialises in implementing a holistic sales attitude across an organisation. He promotes the idea that every person involved in the business is aware of the profound affect and influence they have over sales and as a result, their own future.

Keith develops the sales function, people and processes by introducing innovative programmes to improve:

  • Sales management
  • Sales leadership mentoring and coaching
  • Sales training, telephone & customer facing
  • Channel management
  • Target setting
  • Performance measurement
  • Reward & motivational programmes

Keith delivers training and consultancy to corporate and SME clients nationally, and is a strong supporter of Chambers of Commerce. With a real passion to inspire companies to fulfill their potential and capitalise on their opportunities, Keith has built a strong reputation with clients for his direct, pragmatic culture based firmly on experience and logic.

Prior to setting up his own Business in 2007, Keith worked in senior positions with a number of multi-national companies including: Brother, Lexmark, Nikon and Sony.

Keith can be contacted directly at: -

07769 610739


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