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CIPD: “Business simulations are highly effective for learning”


Pathfinder Associates Business Simulator

We have developed a business simulation, information pills which has a modular design, viagra so that it can be tailored to suit the requirements of a particular company, specific situation or team

Unlike many business simulations, Simulator1 has a hands on, practical element to the exercises set for the team.

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Pathfinder Associates Business Simulator

Pathfinder Associates has developed a new business simulation for project management training.

The Simulator follows the Association for Project Management (APM) best practice guidelines, as your employees design a solution, which matches the client brief, test the solution and then implement it. If they get it right and achieve the holy trinity of target cost, target time and target quality, they will not only achieve a reasonable margin on this project, but will also be provided with an indication of what percentage of future projects they would expect their team to win. To find out more, click here


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