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Why are some teams successful whereas others struggle?

For teams to be more than the sum of their parts is not a given. It needs regular practice. Sporting teams of individual stars thrown together do not make a great team. In the present day, clinic this is why the Barbarians often struggle against the best international teams, no rx despite being packed with individual brilliance. Team maintenance time and high quality team coaching are essential for improving team performance and success.

What really makes a team tick?

Well, stuff first of all, there is a good level of trust amongst the team members. There is a high level of commitment and ownership of goals and responsibilities. What happens in those moments when conflict situations arise….. and they are bound to arise? Are they buried to avoid the possibility of conflict and remain unresolved or not actioned? Is it a “whatever you do don’t mention the war” situation? On the other hand, do issues result in big arguments which can get personal? Or are these situations handled by the team in a robust and mature way to ensure that issues are raised, debated fully and addressed in a timely and effective manner? Above all, are the team committed to and focused on a common purpose?

We can help your team identify how to become more effective. With your input we can put together a team effectiveness coaching programme. This will involve talking to each team member individually at the outset to establish a strong foundation for the team development. Common team goals include:

  • Developing a collaborative working environment
  • Challenging the status quo and the issues that have been danced around
  • Giving each other effective feed back
  • Developing greater understanding of each other’s behaviour and approach
  • Taking interest in each other’s development
  • Having robust debate of issues, no “group think”, no fall out
  • Moving from “silo” approach to cohesive team
  • Holding highly productive and focused meetings
  • Finally, developing a team with the awareness and capability to “self coach”

We can help your team build bridges and climb mountains, but only metaphorically, because we don’t do abseils or rafts. Our business has grown almost entirely by referrals and we have worked with teams who are very happy to provide testimonials when required.

Pathfinder Associates help teams to prosper and grow

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