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Concerned about the economy, advice particularly the affect it will have on suppliers or customers?

Need to create more opportunity for staff to be involved in improvement?

Too much money tied up in stock?

If lead times could be reduced, would this provide competitive advantage?

Margins squeezed by supplier price rises?

Pathfinder specialises in lean transformations.

Typical benefits include:
Halving lead times
Doubling stock turns
30% reduction in floor space requirements
25% increase in machine efficiency
20% increase in labour productivity
20% reduction in administration load

Lean principles and techniques were developed within the automotive industry. However, they have now brought successful transformation to many sectors of industry, including process, fabrication, pharmaceutical, construction, food, machinery, etc.

Lean has also now been applied with great success in non-manufacturing organisations, including banks, building societies, call centres, healthcare and office environments.

Funded support can be arranged for SME manufacturing companies based in the North West, subject to availability.

For more information about Lean, please call us on 01625 250848

Perfecting team & process performance for bottom line benefit

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