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In today’s increasingly competitive and complex world more and more business owners and leaders choose to work with a coach.

There are many reasons for deciding to do so, such as:

  • They are so busy with the day to day muck and bullets that they struggle to find the time to take stock of their own career or their business, or sometimes to evaluate where the business is heading.
  • As a business leader it is quite common to feel overburdened by the sheer volume of work; so many items need attention and it can be difficult deciding the priorities.
  • It can be a lonely place being a business owner or leader. Many find it invaluable having a trusted and confidential person they can talk to, use as a sounding board, or work through a problem or situation with.

Pathfinder specialises in coaching business owners and leaders. We have worked with many leaders who are in the situations described above and we have worked in senior positions ourselves, so we have “first hand” experience of challenges faced by a business leader.

We are qualified coaches, have regular coaching supervision sessions and are active members of the Association for Coaching. To see the Association for Coaching code of ethics, please click here:

Read some of the testimonials for Pathfinder coaching. To find out more please contact us at

“Fantastic listening skills. Enabled me to clarify my goals and be clear about what I’m trying to achieve. I would recommend Pathfinder coaching to anyone.”

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