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Since Dr Meredith Belbin undertook his seminal research in the 1970s at Henley Management College into why some teams are successful and others struggle, the Belbin team contributions framework has developed a worldwide following.

Belbin identified nine different style contributions within teams:

Action styles: Shaper, Completer Finisher and Implementer

Social styles: Coordinator, Resource Investigator and Team worker

Thinking styles: Monitor Evaluator, Specialist and Plant

His research indicated that for teams to be successful they need a spread of contributions. With a narrow range, teams are less likely to succeed. For example, too many Shapers and the team may be torn apart by internal competition. Too many Team Workers and the team may miss out on its goals because the members are too busy hugging each other

At Pathfinder, we are accredited to perform self perception and online 360 Belbin team role profiles as well as hold Belbin-themed workshops. These workshops are an excellent way for team members to appreciate the different ways they contribute to the team environment, how to get the most from each others’ styles and which styles are more at risk of conflicting, etc.

If you would like to find out more about Belbin team roles, perform team member assessments or hold a Belbin-themed workshop, please contact us at Pathfinder by email: or by calling us on 01625 250848.

You can also have a look at the Belbin website by following this link:

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