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Pathfinder Associates also provide the following services to our clients:

Workshop facilitation

  • Strategy workshops
  • Action planning
  • Process mapping
  • Project management

Team development events

Dysfunctional relationships or poor behaviours are often not addressed. Team maintenance events can be invaluable for enabling teams to gel and to develop effective working relationships. These can be in-house or off site. Leadership team days can also be facilitated, this web focusing on specific issues, search or for more general team development


Nearly two thirds of all supervisors and managers have never had any leadership or management training.

Pathfinder specialises in targeted short courses and workshops. These are especially effective if accompanied by specific workplace actions and improvement plans or one to one coaching with training course participants.

Our courses aim to be highly interactive with plenty of opportunity for participants to be involved in learning point exercises. Sleep inducing PowerPoint presentations are largely absent. Example courses:

  • Introduction to Lean
  • 5S workplace organisation
  • Total Quality
  • SMED
  • Prioritisation and time management
  • Lean teams
  • Team leadership

Emotional Intelligence

Research has shown that emotionally intelligent leaders deliver better results because they are good at developing employees and they create more motivating working environments. Business experience, excellent technical skills and raw intelligence (IQ) are often not enough to be a highly successful leader.

So what is emotional intelligence? It is your ability to understand your own feelings, the capacity to manage your emotions, recognise and understand the feelings of others, your capacity to motivate yourself, to understand your stressors and to manage these.

We are accredited to deliver EQ-i 2.0, emotional intelligence inventory and are often asked to use this as a starting point for coaching leaders who want to improve how they lead their teams or want to develop their working relationships with colleagues.

Talk to us today by ringing us on 01625 250848 or e:mail

Business planning

Expect business plans to be out of date as soon as they are completed. However, this is not a waste of effort and time. The value is in the thought processes, collection of information and analysis required to develop the plans. Further value is obtained by making the plans succinct, so they are read and can be updated easily. We can help with your business planning, or facilitate a business planning workshop with the lead team.

Balanced Scorecard

All organisations measure their financial performance, some with more frequency than others, and this provides a “rear view mirror” or history of company performance.

A balanced scorecard provides a set of measures to drive performance – “what gets measured gets done”. In addition to financial measures there are also data on Customer Perspective, Internal Business Processes and Learning and Growth.

It is essential that these measures are selected carefully to fit with the strategic goals of the organisation.

If you would like some help setting up a balanced scorecard or don’t know for the best which factors to use, call us on 01625 250848 or e:mail:


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