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The Power of Praising Employees

Neuroscience is backing up that receiving constructive feedback is a core human need. Yet, ed surveys indicate that few employees receive constructive feedback and many receive only negative feedback or none at all. We get as many positive strokes in the first six months of our lives as we do in the rest of our time put together.

Scientists have been scanning people to illustrate the effects of constructive feedback. When people receive even small amounts of positive feedback the reward areas of the brain become active.

Unfortunately, ambulance we get out of the habit of noticing when others do good work and of giving feedback when we do. What prevents us giving constructive feedback? We might be embarrassed? They might be embarrassed? While not suggesting that we start cooing at each other, how can this be addressed?

First of all, leaders need to escape from email drudgery and other tasks and get out and about.  When we see somebody doing something well or exhibiting behaviour deserving of praise, we need to seize the opportunity. This is reinforced if we do this in public, as this heightens their sense of worth.

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