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Project Management Simulator Pilot

The Pathfinder project management simulator saw the cold light of day for the first time last week when a team from Ripple in Oldham undertook the challenge to design and build a complex structure, discount which was a small part of a large investment programme to support remote communities in the Andes. During the exercise, troche they had to contend with various difficulties and set-backs, viagra approved including obtuse clients who didn’t know what they wanted and failed to provide a clear brief, and some very slippery and unreliable suppliers who created a range of issues, such as flaky lead times, questionable quality and deliveries with jumbled up products and part shipment. Oh no, that never happens in real life supply chains! In addition, the planning, certification and safety authorities were very demanding and nit picking.

Despite all these challenges, the Ripple team triumphed. The only time they wavered and strayed off track was at the start of the build phase, when, faced with an array of very tempting materials and sub assemblies, they dived into task mode, all grabbing pieces and frantically building away. One fair maid was heard to cry “This is not as easy as it looks…….We need a plan……..Nobody’s listening to me!” After a short detour into chaos, they recovered and went on to complete the project on time and in full and, as a result of their success, the simulation indicated to them that they would be awarded a generous proportion of ongoing contracts.

The simulator was a big success, although, of course, there are learning points from the pilot run, which will be incorporated into the programme to make it even better the next time it ventures out into the business world. If you know of a team who would like to take on the Pathfinder Project Management Simulation challenge, please contact us at


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