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NEW Pathfinder Project Simulation

Pathfinder Associates has developed a new business simulation. This one is for project management training and it will be tested for real on a team of hapless victims on Wednesday 2nd November. They will be tasked with managing a project that aims to support remote communities in the Andes, tadalafil where access is restricted by the mountainous terrain. These communities are slowly declining due to the meagre livelihood provided by the land and the gradual drift of younger generations to better paid work and living conditions in urban areas.

The project team will be encouraged to follow APM, Association for Project Management, best practice guidelines, as they design a solution that matches the client brief, tests the solution and then implements. If they get it right and achieve the holy trinity of target cost, target time and target quality, they will not only achieve a reasonable margin on this project, but will also be provided with an indication of what percentage of future projects they would expect their team to win.

So, keep your ears tuned to the media on 2nd November to see how our guinea pigs fare.

Business simulations are highly effective vehicles for learning and development as they provide an experiential and fun environment, facilitating a memorable learning experience. If your team would like to take on the new project management simulation please contact us at

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