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Manufacturing Skills Shortage

The Manufacturing Bites Conference held in St Georges Hall, thumb Liverpoo, approved l on Thursday 9th July, see organised by NW Business Insider, brought together eight speakers talking about the key challenges for UK manufacturing. There were several presentations focusing on the changing nature of collaborations with BRIC countries, China and India in particular. However, the single most common concern about the health of manufacturing in the UK was skills shortages.

The UK is the world’s sixth largest manufacturer and manufacturing needs good quality Engineers. However, only 12,000 Engineers graduated in the UK last year and this contrasts starkly with 1.2 million in India. Christian Warden from EEF stated that we need 96,000 Engineers, Scientists and Technologists just to replace retirements between now and the end of 2016. We are also failing to access almost half the potential workforce due to Engineering failing to appeal to women; only 6% of the Engineering workforce in the UK is female. Julie Madigan from the Manufacturing Institute talked about the “war for talent” and the need to make STEM based careers more appealing to young people in the UK.

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