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How to Survive the Summer Slump

Does your business go quiet in the summer?  Is it difficult to get responses from suppliers and clients or to book meetings? Are your staff numbers reduced due to holidays?

Unless you work in a season-related industry, it is likely that your business productivity over summer will be lower than usual. Warmer weather conditions, longer days, a reduction in working staff, a lack of motivation: these are all factors that can affect a business.

Here are a number of actions you can take to make the most of the quieter summer months.

Create Space – Declutter. Reorganise your filing systems, tidy up the office, introduce order. By doing so, you will also create mental space, giving you room for new ideas.

Regulate Temperature – Try to maintain the optimum temperature in your workplace. British summers can be quite mild compared with other countries. However, heating systems are often turned off in summer, or air-conditioning switched on, leaving staff feeling too cold. Any extreme in temperature will impact negatively not only on staff’s productivity but also on their health.

Eliminate Distractions – Less emails means that you can focus on specific tasks. Do one task at a time until it is completed. This will make you feel less stressed than trying to multi-task.

Review Plans – When did you last review your Business Plan, Sales & Marketing Strategy or Recruitment Policy, etc? Summer is a good time to take a step back and review your systems.

Set Future Goals – Use this time to set yourself some goals. Make them achievable and define what actions you are going to take to reach them. Separate your business goals from your personal goals. Sometimes this is hard to do if you are a business owner as your personal goals may be linked to your business. This is also a great opportunity to eliminate unwanted habits.

Manage Your Time – Resentment can build up if, on lovely summer days, you are tied to working inside, and then, on your days off, it rains. Longer days allow you more time to get outside in the fresh air. People generally have more energy over summer. Perhaps start your working day earlier and finish earlier.

Exercise More – Walk more each day. Walk to work, or get off the bus a stop earlier, or park your car further away. Use the stairs instead of the lift. Just a little more exercise every day could have a real impact on your health and your productivity.

Do Something that has Been on your To Do List Forever – it may be business related or it may be a new hobby or a new look. Chances are this is the only time in the year that you can take a step back and really plan something new.

Meet Offsite in Relaxed Environments – Instead of stuffy meetings in offices, arrange to have a coffee with a client or a supplier in a cafe or bar. Keep it relaxed and informal. Business can still be done but it won’t feel as much like work.

Go on holiday!!! – Everyone else is doing it, why shouldn’t you?! You need and deserve a rest. If you own your business, this might be difficult, but a digital world allows us to communicate from almost anywhere. You can sit on the beach and read your emails if you choose.

The summer can give you breathing space and, by doing just a couple of the actions above, you can go into the autumn feeling refreshed and full of new energy to focus on your business.

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