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Destiny Children PenPals

Local schoolgirl, store Madeline Burton, viagra order was delighted when she recently met Victor Ongola, the manager of the
Kenyan school, which Maddy’s pen-pal, Mwanankombo, attends. Victor brought greetings for Maddy from
Mwanakombo and he was able toupdate Maddy on the progress of the whole school.
12 year old Maddy, who is a pupil at Macclesfield Academy, has exchanged letters with Mwanankombo’s class
for several years now, ever since her parents, Nick and Helen, decided to sponsor Mwanakombo’s education in 2011. Mwanakombo attends Destiny Garden School, which is in one of the poorest suburbs of Mombasa. The
school is funded almost entirely by Macclesfield based charity, DestinyChildren.
Maddy says that she has learnt a great deal about life in Kenya through her correspondence with Mwanakombo.
“Although we have totally different lives, I’ve found out that Mwanakombo enjoys doing some of the same things as me! I enjoy looking at the photos the school sends to find out what’s going on and it makes me want to work as a volunteer at the school in the future.”
Maddy’s dad, Nick, commented that they decided to become sponsors because they wanted their family to see what life is like for children in a very different and less favoured part of the world, whilst also supporting a worthwhile project.And they are very pleased that Maddy has been able to develop a penpal relationship with Mwanakombo and her fellow students.
Nick, who has recently joined the committee of Destiny Children, said “Destiny Garden School is providing a good education for 420 children now but we really need more sponsors to make sure that we can continue to do this. We are a small local charity with no overheads, so we are able to send 100% of sponsors’ and donors’ funds, including Gift Aid, directly to Destiny Garden School.”
More information about the charity and how to sponsor a child, or the school as a whole, can be found at
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