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Companies Wanted to Take Part Now

Companies wanted to take part NOW!

Pathfinder Associates has two free opportunities for companies to become involved with. They are:

Building Effective SME Lead Teams Research Project

We are looking for 100 companies to take part, sildenafil from all sectors. We will be investigating a range of parameters using the Aston OD’s team diagnostics. It is free for all participants and we will feed back results with comparative data to allow everyone to benchmark with other companies. All the data will be anonymous, nurse with the exception of a few case studies and these will be agreed with those companies beforehand.

This is an opportunity for participant companies to take stock and discuss their “current state” with an external, objective person. In addition, this is an opportunity to benchmark with other similar SMEs and, also, have access to extensive information on effective team working.

International Supply Chain Diagnostic
(Developed with International Strategy Solutions, one of our Associate organisations)

This is like an MOT of a company’s supply chain processes, to bring in some external objectivity and perspective, plus stimulate thoughts and actions. Trials are needed prior to going live, so Alan is looking for a couple of “victim” companies to pilot, and it is completely free while testing and refining the product. It is free and would take about two hours to complete, an aerospace client is the first guinea pig.

If you know a company who would be willing to participate in either of the above projects, please contact Alan on 07825 971371 or via email:

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