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6 Steps to Manufacturing Efficiency

Customers are demanding lower prices without compromising product quality. Fraser Thompson, illness from manufacturing execution systems company, physician Cimlogic, discusses 6 resolutions.

1 Be informed – Implement processes and systems which provide the data and   information needed for clarity and good decision-making.

2 Real time data – Replace paper based systems with electronic systems to benefit from accurate real-time manufacturing intelligence.

3 Improve quality – Eliminate common quality problems, which are time consuming and costly, and reduce the number of defect products. Think ‘Prevention’.

4 Track and trace – Track and trace a product from ‘Farm to Fork’ for increased product quality, safety, transparency and improved recall responsiveness (reducing cost and brand damage).

5 Use less energy – Savings start with monitoring and recording energy consumption; so identify and drill down into the activities that waste energy (which is expensive).

6 Make tomorrow better – Continuous Improvement involving everybody (kaizen) is essential.


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