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How to Develop Your Assertiveness Skills

Can you stand up for yourself in difficult situations? Do you find it easy to ask for what you want? Can you communicate your thoughts and needs confidently and effectively? For many people, sticking up for oneself is not always … Read More >>


Are you overwhelmed by your workload? Do you feel you’re letting people down? Are you finding it difficult to take on new work? Are you doing enough to develop your team and reporting staff? If so, it could be time … Read More >>

Stars, Steadies and Slackers

One of the fundamentals of great leadership is recognising that no two people are the same and everyone must be treated as a unique person who can make a valuable contribution to the team/ organisation. Everyone has the potential to … Read More >>

A Divided Team

What happens to teams when you divide them in two and put them into different rooms?  It never ceases to amaze me that even teams that have to collaborate quite closely can be hostile towards one another when they are … Read More >>

Keeping Resolutions

Hands up if you’ve broken any New Year’s Resolutions yet? Yep, me too, along with most of the population. And it’s only February! So what is it about making New Year’s Resolutions that seems to make them destined to be … Read More >>

Practise Mindfulness

  The rapid progression in technological developments was meant to make things easier and give us more time. Although some aspects of life have definitely become easier, this hasn’t given us more time, it just means the world moves faster. … Read More >>

Make Tomorrow Better

In these times, companies are so busy with the day to day grind of actions, chores, fire fighting, and keeping their heads above water, finding time to review what’s happening can seem very hard to do. The same old issues … Read More >>

How to Survive the Summer Slump

Does your business go quiet in the summer?  Is it difficult to get responses from suppliers and clients or to book meetings? Are your staff numbers reduced due to holidays? Unless you work in a season-related industry, it is likely … Read More >>

Tips for Taking a Break

Do you find it hard to stop working during the day? Do you constantly think ‘just one more email/task/phone call…etc? Do you feel guilty if you take a break? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, price you … Read More >>

Recruitment and Belbin Team Roles

Many companies use some form of testing for recruitment and the range of tests available seems to be growing and growing. Firstly, store we need to decide what type of person we need, then how we are going to measure … Read More >>

Belbin Accreditation