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Monthly Archives: October 2015


Pathfinder Associates Ltd. is proud to be a member of PortfolioExec®. PortfolioExec® was incorporated in 2008 as a Membership-based ‘business consortium’ of approved Associates and Corporate Partners, medicine providing a framework for opportunity for part-time Directors in the SME marketplace. … Read More >>

Automatic PO and Stock Control

John and the team at Get John Ltd recently won a contract to provide a system for automating purchase ordering and stock control.  They are integrating it closely with the Kashflow accounting system and a website order management system for … Read More >>

Effective Training

A study by Dr Brent Peterson in 2004 indicated that the most effective training is achieved by: -          Preparation for the learning event (25%) -          The learning event (25%) -          Follow up activities (50%) Where do most companies spend their … Read More >>

The Power of Praising Employees

Neuroscience is backing up that receiving constructive feedback is a core human need. Yet, ed surveys indicate that few employees receive constructive feedback and many receive only negative feedback or none at all. We get as many positive strokes in … Read More >>

Made in Manchester September Panel

Excellent speakers from large manufacturing companies, drug such as Duo, Tetrosyl, Crane and Polyflor were present on a panel for the Made in Manchester breakfast seminar, organised by NW Business Insider, on 29th Sept. The main challenges raised by panellists … Read More >>

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