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Pathfinder specialises in helping teams to develop and grow.

We provide team coaching, treatment performance coaching, drugs mentoring, training and consultancy services to a wide variety of organisations.

We are able to draw upon the specific expertise of trusted associates to widen our range of services to our clients.

Our high level of service and strong commitment to customer satisfaction is supported by many years of business experience.

From a base in the manufacturing industry, we are able to provide our services to a range of sectors.

Pathfinder Business Simulator Workshop

Our Services

Team coaching for teams to become more than a sum of their parts
Coaching for business owners and leaders
Belbin team roles and AstonOD team effectiveness profiling
Business simulation business simulation game for highly effective learning
Workshop facilitation, strategy workshops, management leadership teams, business planning, change management, process mapping, project management, Belbin workshops
Lean thinking, employee engagement, culture change, involvement, change management, high
performance work teams, balanced scorecard
Training, lean thinking and lean techniques, problem solving skills, effective teams, leadership, team
Pathfinder. Helping teams to develop and growPathfinder Business Simulator Workshop

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